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What Do You Want to See in Joe Biden’s First 100 Days with Maddie and Skinner

I interview two old friends and roommates and ask them what they want to see in Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. Skinner is a forty something male living in Topeka, Kansas and his 18 year old daughter Maddie is currently quarantining in his basement with the Covid.

Thank you to Random Question for their sponsorship in this episode!

Teaching in the age of Covid 19

I’m lucky enough to be friends with educators and higher education supporters. We talk with an art teacher whose classes started 3 weeks ago and two educators whose classes start tomorrow. We deal with the entire gambit of education from in-person, to virtual, to hybrid models. We also speak with a parent whose child is going to classes for the first time… but virtually.

A must listen for any educator or parent who is about to embark on the weird ass world of learning and educating in the time of Covid-19.